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Senior Portraiture Session

Your experience:

Few years back you started high school and now you are ready to graduate and embark on one of the most memorable journey of your life. You are heading off to college to pursue your dream career and I want to thank you for considering me to showcase your senior year portraits to reflect who YOU are.

Getting ready for the shoot:

After we have decided on a date we will dive deep into planning the shoot. We will speak a few days before the shoot to make sure the weather is with us and avoid rescheduling. We will work to come up with ideas of how best to capture the session. This will include everything from location to wardrobe and posing.

We will discuss about your sport, music or any other liking you want to showcase in the shoot. This will help us narrow down the location for the shoot, it could be your football field or may be with your instrument of choice. The location and props allow us to hone on the wardrobe, accessories and posing aspect of the session.  I always tell my seniors to coordinate their wardrobe with accessories and bring multiple clothes on hangars to avoid wrinkling.  Come well hydrated and bring a snack. 

I recommend parents to join the session to be part of this special moment for their kids. 

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