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Engagement Portraiture Session

Your experience

Congratulations to you both as you embark on the most wonderful journey of your life with your best friend. It’s a very special time for both of you and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for considering me to showcase your engagement.

The session will be fun, romantic and we will showcase your personality for who you truly are! Your images are going to be a reflection of your happiness and love for each other.

There are a million other things you have running through your minds.As you plan your big day  I would like to take this off your plate and make it my responsibility. As your photographer all I ask of you is to enjoy the few hours of this session and just forget about the planning part.

I want you to feel free and remember those first dates when you were awestruck and were head over heels for that special person Look into your partner's eyes, feel the love and take a break from your everyday life. Just to relax and enjoy the shoot. 

Wardrobe, accessories and props:

Few weeks prior to the shoot, we will coordinate your outfits to make sure you compliment each other. Usually I will request you to bring more than one outfit on hangars even for a short session, this is just to make sure you have something as a backup. Regarding your make up and hair, its a great time to do a dry run for the kind of hair, make up and over all look you expect to see for your big day. If a friend or sibling is helping you with your make up or you are doing it yourself, make sure you use a good foundation or smashbox products as that makes for great photo-finish skin tones. Bring additional make up for touch ups as you need. 


For those of you who are comfortable in being photographed: props to you. But for people like me, who shy away from a camera, I understand how you feel. I will direct you to pose during the shoot, but its always good to be inspired and get some ideas from Pinterest. It’s a great idea to develop a “must have posing list” and then improvise from there.

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Location selection:

This is a very important aspect of the shoot as it speaks volumes about you as a couple. Often people go for a popular spot, but if you ask me the location should reflect your taste, your journey and your personality. I will actively guide you and ask you questions about which location really takes you back down the memory lane and makes you feel special. We will finalize on the location based on your liking. Your familiarity with a location will make you more comfortable and lead to some real good natural photos. 


Optimal time for shooting flattering images is usually dusk or dawn. However, knowing Houston weather its unpredictable when the clouds show up. During your booking you can request a time slot that suits your schedule, but few days before the session we will discuss optimal time based on weather conditions.  I would recommend keeping an alternate session in mind if required [just in case it rains when the weather forecast says it will be dry].

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